Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Update from Puerto Morelos

Hi from Puerto Morelos!

Caden, the Burger King Tiger
We are in the doldrums of summer here.  How is your summer going?  Ironically, the weather here has been cooler than many parts in Canada and the U.S. due to summer heat waves.  So, come on down to Puerto Morelos in August if you want to cool off, we have lots of places you can stay! ;)

The kiddos finally got out of school July 9th and head back at the end of August -- so summer vacation is only 6 weeks!  Gotta pack it in and soak it up while we can!

Also on vacation is my sister, Deanna.  Her and her family are on a Caribbean Cruise, and they dock in Cozumel on Friday.  We are planning to meet up with them over on the island and enjoy the day.  More from Cozumel in the coming days...

[Photo Credit: Hailey Burroughs]
The beaches are full of locals enjoying their July vacations (a popular vacation time for Mexicans).  It's not been too hot, but holy cow have we gotten the rain!  However, I'm not about to complain.  This time last year I was griping about being in the midst of a 50 year drought.  So, rain on -- my flowers are loving it.  ...I just may need to buy some rain boots.

Speaking of flowers, summer is a time when I get to catch up on my gardening.  I have an annual "yard revision" to figure out what's working, what's not, what I want moved, what I want to add, etc.  (I think it's related to my obsession to re-arrange furniture.)  I thought I'd share some really neat sites I have come across related to plants here in the Yucatan:
This year I am ready to start a cactus collection on our upstairs patio.  I think Easton is old enough to stay out of them (at least after he's been poked once or twice), and I can't wait to get started!

[Photo Credit:]
In my quest for a Cactus garden, I am going to need more pots!  So, I am dragging Josh to Ticul this weekend (a city near Merida) where I hear they make great pots.

While we are there, we are also checking out the Tunich Artisan's Fair just on the outskirts of Merida!  Yahoo!  Pots & Mexican Art!  Nothing could be more up my alley!!  I am on the lookout for sconces.  It's one of the major things on the punch-list to finish at the house.  Inevitably, I won't find them -- but I am sure I'll find something!!!

I never know how the adventure will turn out when we set out on these trips.  Maybe the fair will be a bust, although I hear it's not and it's making me quite anxious to see!  Maybe Ticul doesn't make pots.  But, the laughter, good food, and beautiful landscapes are definitely worth the trip.  I guess travel is like life:  It's about the journey, not the destination! 

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