Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Puerto Morelos Restaurant Review: The New JJ's Kitchen

The new JJ's Kitchen, brought to you by the lovely Ed and Nataly of Cantina Habaneros, is SUPER YUMMY!  During several lunches over the past few weeks, I have been eating my way through their menu.

I had thought I had my favorite chosen -- their Tacos Dorados.  Tacos Dorados are crunchy, hard shell tacos with all of the fixings.  Hard Shells -- That's right, did ya hear me? -- Hard Shells!  Yahoo!

Then, yesterday, I tried their Burrito -- and now I think I have a new favorite.

I have yet to try their burger or ribs, so maybe I'll end up changing my mind again.  To be determined...

JJ's Kitchen is located directly across the street from Cantina Habanero's.  While you are there, be sure to check out the cute little pepper people that peak out from everywhere.  They are too cute!

[Photo Credit:  JJ's Kitchen Facebook Page!  Thanks for the Photo!]

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