Friday, November 3, 2017

Complete Your Tourist Card Before Arrival

If you are arriving in Mexico as a tourist, you will be filling out an FMM Form as part of your arrival. That is your Visa to be in Mexico. At immigration (either at airport or border crossing), Mexican Officials will retain the top half and give the bottom portion of the form back to you. It's important that you keep that form!

  1. It's your visa to demonstrate you legally entered the country.
  2. They will request that bottom portion from you when you leave at the border or at the airport.

If you have a Temporary or Permanent Mexican Resident Visa, you will also complete the FMM form, but you will complete it BEFORE leaving Mexico. Mexican immigration will collect the remaining portion of the form from you when you re-enter from your trip outside of Mexico.

Mexico now has a website that allows you to complete the form prior to your arrival for your convenience and, hopefully, a speedier arrival process. If you wish to complete the form online, be sure to complete one for each traveler.

Remember: Your visa allows you to stay in the country for as many days as it has been authorized. The immigration official will write the number of authorized days on your form. Max allowed is 180 days. If you originally request 14 days, are approved for 14, and then decide to extend your trip, you will need to visit a local immigration office to have your visa extended for the remaining days of your stay BEFORE your visa expires.

Update: This is a new website. Let us know feedback on how it goes in the comment section of this blog post! At the end of the day, if you can't get yours to print, you'll always have the option of filling them out at arrival.

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