Saturday, May 6, 2017

Can you help the Elementary School in Central Vallarta?

Hello to all of my fellow Puerto Morelians!

We are wrapping our arms around a big project, and we need your help! We have been contacted by the "Simon Bolivar" Elementary School that is located in Puerto Morelos's Central Vallarta community. They have some needs that they really need help with, and we are hoping to get them what they need by the start of school next year!

We have met with Willian, the Director of the school and a really lovely man. We asked him to put together his need list and to put priority to the items so that we can direct the funds received to higher priority items first.

In reviewing the list, we also wanted to be sure that they actually get the items that they need. The Director and Teachers know which books they could really use, they have access to the school supply stores for the desks/chairs, etc. So, we are thinking that it is best if they use funds that we raise to purchase the items so that we can be sure they get what items they need/use. Also, I know that many of you aren't currently in town but would love to help. So, William has went through his list and sourced each item and priced it, so that we could start raising funds.

Here's What They Need!

This is their need list, along with the prices which are in pesos:

HIGH PRIORITY -- Technology Equipment:
  • 1 Laptop - $15,000.00
  • 1 Projector - $13,000.00
  • 1 Printer / Ink - $4000.00
  • 17 Desktop Computers - $187,000.00
Total: $219,000.00

MEDIUM PRIORITY -- Furniture and Supplies:
  • 12 Blackboards - $3500.00
  • 40 Desks/Chairs - $60,000.00
  • School Supplies (Books, Puzzles, Letters, Manipulatives) - $10,000.00
Total: $73,500.00

LOWER PRIORITY -- Sports and Playground Equipment
  • 30 Sport Cones - $2300.00
  • Foam Puzzle Floor Mats - $7800.00
  • 12 Footballs - $3900.00
  • 12 Volleyballs - $2600.00
  • Sports Nets - $4500.00
  • Basketball Hoops - $5000.00
  • 4 Playground Sets - $64,000.00 
Total: $90,100.00

Grand Total: $382,600.00 pesos (approx. $22,000 USD)

It's a Big List, It's a Big Project, but we are going to do our best to try and cover everything! We need your help! And we need your help recruiting help!

The fabulous Puerto Morelos Charity, El Mundo Para Puerto Morelos, has been a huge help in connecting the school with us and is going to help us out with collecting funds for the project! We are going to ensure that each and every cent is used for the items on their list, starting with the high priority items and work our way down the list.

How can you help?

We are collecting donations in 2 ways: 

1) If you are in Puerto Morelos: Please bring your donation to Mayan Riviera Properties Office. We have some fun new coozies that say "Puerto Morelian", so we are going to toss one of those your way for being awesome!
2) If you aren't in Puerto Morelos: You can donate from home through the El Mundo Para Puerto Morelos Website.

When you click on the webpage above you will see a link to donate.

Then, you'll be taken to an option where you can donate via Paypal or using a credit card. Whichever payment option you choose, you'll see a space that says, "Add Special Instructions to the Seller". Please enter "Simon Bolivar Elementary School" so that we earmark your donation for the school project. 

How Can You Track the Project? 

We are going to be keeping everyone posted about the project as it progresses through this Blog! Any new fundraising opportunities, updates on funds received, project implementation updates -- We'll be posting it here. We've also set up a fixed page on the blog up on the menu bar where you can see the progress we've all made in raising funds. 

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