Tuesday, June 24, 2014

An Update from PoMo

Well, we are heading into the dog days of summer!! Personally, I am knee-deep in summer projects here at the office, which is the biggest reason my blogging has slowed. How are you all?

To bring you up to speed on the news:

Real Estate Sales: 

This has been Kim Tempel's first full high season in the sales agent seat. She's doing fantastic and getting a number of sales under her belt. Go Kim!

If you are considering selling your property, NOW is the time to begin the process for next year's high season! Oftentimes, we can help you make some off-season changes to help the property sell, make any updates to paperwork that are required, and have your property ready to roll for next high season.

2014 Real Estate Summit:

A couple of weeks ago, Kim and I attended the International Real Estate Summit that was held in Tulum.

During the Summit, we also obtained our federal certification in Real Estate Consultancy in Tourist Zones of Mexico from the Federal Secretary of Public Education (SEP) and Licensing Bureau (CONOCER). We are the first English-Speaking Realtors in Mexico to have this new certification!! Whoo Hoo!

We attended lots of great workshops, learned more about new markets, and made some great contacts with other realtors from the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Columbia, and Brazil!

At the Summit Dinner with our Certification Evaluator, Mr. Loza.

Medical City Project:

I have been blogging occasionally about the Medical City Project that is slated for Puerto Morelos. At the Summit, I was able to meet with the project's coordinator. They have plans on paper, initial permits, and are gathering investors with the hopes of breaking ground in 2015. It's proposed location is on the west side of the highway, near the entrance to Petempich. It's a long term plan that includes retirement housing, numerous state-of-the-art hospitals (Oncology, Children's Hospital, Stem Cell Research, Orthopedics, and more...). What a great asset!

World Cup Soccer:

Puerto Morelos is a-buzz with Mexico battling it out in the World Cup Tournament. If you have never been in Mexico (or any other Latin or European Country) during the World Cup, it's a BIG STINKIN' DEAL. The entire country tunes into the game. Offices close, work stops, cantinas fill, and people crowd around TVs. Town fills with cheers simultaneously upon each score and groans (or worse) with each bad call. ;)

That's all for now.
Saludos from Puerto Morelos!!

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