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Paying for the Tenencia, Derechos, and your License Plates for your Mexican Vehicle

I recently legalized our Dodge truck. So, it's a Mexican vehicle now. That puts me back into the world of updating my docs each year for the car here in Mexico.

Every so often (I am sure there is a regular schedule, but I am not sure --- seems to be every 5 years or so), in addition to updating your annual docs, you also have to get a new license plate. So, if you haven't been keeping up with your car, you will want to get yourself up-to-date this year because your license plate won't match and the authorities will notice.

Here's the update on the adventure so far:

The Fees:

A few years ago, the current governor waived the Tenencia (an annual tax on vehicles) for citizens. However, the Tenencia still exists and is payable for foreigners. The Tenencia tax only applies to vehicles that are less than 10 years old.

There is also a  "Derechos" fee. It is an annual fee that you pay to drive. When you pay this fee, the county of Benito Juarez provides you with an updated "Tarjeta de Circulacion" which shows you to be current for the calendar year (much like the tags that we stick to license plates in the U.S.)

The site also mentions "Canje" fee. This is in reference to this being a year where you need to update your License Plate.


The fee(s) is quite easy to pay. First, go to this website:  You can print a sheet showing the annual Canje fee and Tenencia (if applicable) that you owe. Then, you can pay this online using your Mexican Bank Account or in a branch of any of the banks that are listed. (Mayan Riviera Properties clients: We can pay this fee for you online at our office using your Owner's Account.)

Picking up your new Tarjeta & Plates: 

After you have paid, you can then take the bill you printed, your receipt of payment, your ID (Passport and Visa), your current Tarjeta de Circulacion to the place to pick up your new Tarjeta de Circulacion. For this year, also bring in your old plates so that you can exchange them for your new plates. Of course, take the obligatory copies of each of your documents.

Here is the address:
Modulo Central de Emplacamiento (Mundo Maya)
Region 98, Mz.53 Lt.1, Local 22, 23 y 24, Tel. (998) 886 8464
Hours: 8:30a.m. a 15:30 p.m

If you take Kabah, past Costco, then past Home Depot, you'll turn left onto Lopez Portillo. Take Lopez Portillo all the way down until you see a huge Chedraui on your left (the Mundo Maya plaza). The office is on the right of the Chedraui in the same parking lot.

Here's the catch! The license plates haven't arrived yet! :)  So, if you haven't already, you should pay your dues now. Leave a copy of the receipt of payment in the car so that you can show that they have been paid until the new plates arrive. When I called this week, the lady at the office said they were expecting them at the end of March/beginning of April. I'll keep checking and post an update when they are in. Once they are in, you can take your documentation in to get your new Tarjeta de Circulacion and Licences Plates.

IMPORTANT: The lady on the phone at the Modulo said that they no longer accept a Carta Poder (an authorization letter), to allow someone else to do the registration on behalf of another person. The only way a third party can do this is via a Poder Notarial (an official, notarized Power of Attorney, approx cost of 5000 pesos). So, whether there are peeps with connections who are still able to do it, I don't know. But, be prepared to do it yourself.

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