Sunday, February 16, 2014

Update from PoMo

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

Road Update: 

The Puerto Morelos Croc
For those of you not in PoMo (If you aren't, why not?!?), the roads in PM are getting progressively better. At least, the rains have stopped and they are drier, if nothing else. They have re-grated the road behind the church, as well as the road into town from Crococun. The stretch of road between town and Desire Hotel remains terrible, but they have put some material there to help fill in the parts of the road that have washed away. Lots of work remains, but at least the water isn't covering the roadways anymore so that you can see where you are swerving...

New Alcalde's Facebook Page:

Want to keep up with what the city has to say? The new Alcalde has created a facebook page for announcements.

Wednesday Workshops:

Our Wednesday night workshops are going well! If you haven't heard about them yet, we offer a free workshop where you can learn about living, retiring, working, and buying in Mexico. We have them every week from December through April. If you are interested, you are welcome to attend. If you have friends down to visit and you are tired of giving them the shmeel of how it all works - send them to us!

Puerto Morelos Croc:

I happened to be driving by the Jardin de los Tejones, next to the Casa de la Cultura, on Ninos Heroes and snapped this photo of the Puerto Morelos Croc. He is a frequent visitor. He's also large and apparently living quite well on his diet of what I can assume is Tejones. Just remember, he is wild. His teeth are big. Act accordingly. AND PLEASE DON'T FEED HIM! Crocs that become habituated to being fed by humans become problem crocs and then dead crocs!!

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