Monday, August 5, 2013

A Little of This & That

Mayan Riviera Properties:

This summer, I have been hard at work on a completely new website design for Mayan Riviera Properties. It's exciting and cutting-edge. I can't wait to share the finished product with you soon!

Google Reader: 

If you happen to read this blog using Google Reader, you know that Google has (most unfortunately) axed this product. I switched to Feedly and like it. Although, I still miss my plain ol' Google Reader for reading the blogs that I follow.

For those of you who don't know what a Blog Reader is: It is a service -- often free -- that complies all of the blogs that you read into a chronological list, kind of like a magazine, rather than having them sent to your inbox individually. It's a must-have if you begin to follow numerous blogs to prevent them from clogging up your email inbox.


While we are on the topic of Social Media, for those of you who follow us on Facebook -- Remember that Facebook has made some changes. Just because you "Like" our page, doesn't mean our posts will show up in your Newsfeed on your homepage. In order for it to show up on your newsfeed, you need to regularly interact with our page, by liking posts, commenting, etc. If Facebook knows that you are active on the page, then it will appear more often in your Newsfeed.

Putting Your Chips Down on Mexico: 

Interesting and positive article on the long term outlook on Mexico's economy and stock market:

Dragon Mart Update: 

A few observations to sum up where it stands at this point --

The last hard news article was that the permits for the project had been denied and that they were going to fine the developer for clearing the land without permission. The developer has tried a legal filing to overrule the permit veto. Confirmation that any collection of the fine has not been reported, to my knowledge.  Here is a nice, recent summary by the LA Times.

Recent political events have also been favorable for the developers. The PRI political party has been in favor of the project, including Quintana Roo's PRI Governor. The Benito Juarez Municipality President, who was a member of the PRD party and instrumental in the permit denial, is at the end of his term. The PRI candidate was elected in July to fill his position. So, it would seem that the local, political blocks to the project have been eliminated.

Since then, the Mexican President has been to China to sign the Tequila Pact and stated that he wishes Mexico to become a "platform" for Chinese companies to trade with other nations in the region, which has led some to believe that -- one way or another -- the 'writing is on the wall' for the Dragon Mart project.

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