Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Rained Cats, Dogs, & Crocs in Puerto Morelos!

I am back from a quick vacation today, and boy did I pick the right time to get out of Dodge! Rain POURED down here in Puerto Morelos while I was away.

If you haven't heard/seen, here are a few pics/facts to get you up to speed:

We basically received 35% of our expected total annual rainfall in a three day weekend + plus it rained some more.

Prior to the rainstorms, the mangrove was getting pretty darn dry. So dry, in fact, that you could see the crocodile tail tracks baked into the mud. Afterward, they are happy and wet again. Our fav Puerto Morelos photographer, Michael Maurus, was able to capture some great shots!

Photo Credit: Michael Maurus

We got just a weeee bit of lightening!
Photo Credit: Michael Maurus

Lots of us (including our Mayan Riviera Properties Office) lost power, phone lines, and internet. However, everything has been restored!

The flood waters got a bit high in places ;)

Downtown Cancun, Mexico
Photo Credit: VivoEnCancun
Even the highway was a bit under water...

Photo Credit: Novedades de Quintana Roo

The good new is, this is what it looks like today!

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