Monday, April 8, 2013

Lots of Great Stuff Brewing!

Lots of interesting things in the pipeline! I have lots of irons in the fire at the moment, and they deal with topics that could be useful to many of you. So, I wanted to give you a sneak peak of what's brewing. Stay tuned. Blogs to follow...

  1. Mayan Riviera Properties is hard at work on a completely new website. It's in the beginning stages and still has a long way to go, but we're very excited. It will be cutting edge in our industry! I'll let you know when it goes live.
  2. I am getting my Permanent Resident status at immigration. I should be able to pick it up tomorrow. A 'YAHOO IT'S FINALLY HERE!' celebratory blog to (hopefully) follow.
  3. With my shiny, new permanent resident status, I can no longer keep my car with foreign plates in Mexico. So, I am planning to ship it back to the U.S. and sell it. If it actually arrives on U.S. soil safe and sound, I'll share all of the info that I have regarding the process. If it doesn't, then that's what insurance is for, right?!?  ;)

    If a temporary resident is interested in buying my Fully Loaded 2008 Yukon XLT (just like a GMC Suburban), I would be happy to sell it. $58,000 USD new. Selling for $23,000 USD. We would need to drive to Belize one day to transfer title into your name and re-import it under your name. Call me soon if you are interested.
  4. Once I have my resident card, I plan to apply for my Q. Roo Driver's License since I'll finally be able to keep it for longer than a few months. I'll keep you posted on what it entails.
  5. I'll also be buying a new car here in Mexico. So, more to come on that topic as well.
  6. I have an appointment this week to learn lots about Ejido properties from an ejido attorney. I'll share what I learn with you.
  7. We are going to be doing a new informational video series. Do you have a topic that you want us to cover? If so, let us know! We are open to suggestions.
  8. Have you heard I am moving? Someone just asked me for the 1 millionth time today. Interesting. Last time I checked I don't have moving on my calendar.

    Let me check my trusty Google Calendar again; maybe I missed the memo. Hmm... Nope. Still not there.
  9. Josh and I bought a travel trailer for our annual summertime vacations with the boys. For those of you who know about our previous National Lampoon's Vacation in a rented RV a couple of summers ago, you should be having a good laugh at this news.

    I have given my mother a standing power of attorney that states if I return wearing tube tops that she has my permission to sell the trailer. Her response was a laugh and to say that I would be the 'Camping Queen'. So, stay tuned for our summertime travel blog I've tentatively named, "Tiaras & Tube Tops".  =)
  10. In preparing for our summer travels, I was planning to take our dog. Since we have the trailer now, you know.

    Turns out that flying a Mastiff is really hard. Her #700 size kennel doesn't fit in the cargo door of most airplanes -- only 757s and bigger. Her breed requires her to be flown in a special cage ($2000 USD). Some airlines won't take her at all due to her also being considered brachiocephalic, a dog with a shorter nose. A combination of those 3 factors meant that every airline was eventually crossed off of the list. Long story short, if we want to take her we have to drive her.

    Moral of the Story: Consider a lap dog.

Another fun idea is cooking, but too early to blab just yet. If it happens, I'll keep you posted!

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