Saturday, December 8, 2012

Notes from last Wednesday's Town Meeting

OK -- It has taken me over a week to get to this blog post. So, please file under "Better Late Than Never"...

I attended a town meeting last Wednesday, November 28th. Several helpful officials were in attendance, including the heads of police, transit police, sewer project, and the Alcalde and his staff members.

City Officials at Meeting

Here are the highlight points from the meeting:


  • The Alcaldia status of Puerto Morelos has been finally realized within the last few weeks, although the change has been made (in name only) for over 1 year.

Interested Puerto Morelians
  • The repair of the roads from laying the sewer pipeline will be completed by the 2nd week of December. At this point, there are no plans to completely repave -- only patch as what is currently being done.
  • Construction of the treatment plant will soon be underway. The installation will be located behind the Mayan Handicraft Market. The treated water (cleaned to under 30 ppm) will be injected into a subterranean aquifer. This treatment plant has the capacity to serve the area that has currently been prepared, plus a bit more. Construction of additional treatment plants will be required to service the parts of town that are outside of the range of its capacity. More details to follow in a subsequent meeting after the first of the year.
  • Once the system is ready, connection to the system will be obligatory for property owners.
  • A concern was raised regarding what about property owners whose septic tanks are located in their backyard. They explained that there are some pumps available, which would be an option for some properties. Another alternative was to cancel the septic and build a new, modern septic in the front of the property.
  • City officials acknowledged that loose dogs on street and beach are problematic: some are aggressive, plus the poo on streets and beach.
  • Alcade has said that they will start enforcing the rule that dogs will need to be on a leash. Owners must pick up after their dogs. Those that do not leash or pick up will be fined and undisclosed sum.

ONGOING ISSUES -- During an open question/answer session, several topics were brought up and discussed: 
  • City will begin inspections of businesses to ensure that they have proper licensing. Also checking that residential places are indeed residential.
  • Citizens complained about nudity at Desire Resort. Alcalde seemed sympathetic to the idea of enforcing no public nudity.

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