Sunday, July 1, 2012

House Hunters International in Puerto Morelos!

HGTV Network's House Hunters International comes to Puerto Morelos!!
Two of Three Shows are set to air in July & August!  The third show should air sometime the fall/winter.
Watch It -- They have a GREAT Realtor!! ;)


Episode: "Couple Sails to Puerto Morelos, Mexico to Open a Dive Shop"
Episode #: HHINT-4101H

With their home base in Key West, Fla. Lindsey and Tad have lived in their sailboat home for years. Looking for solid ground to build their future on, they chose the small diving resort town of Puerto Morelos, Mexico. With their dive shop ready to go, all they need is the perfect beach view home. With beachfront property in their budget scarce, will they have to sacrifice a sea view? Find out as House Hunters International dives into Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

Tune In:
July 03, 2012
10:30 PM e/p
1:30 AM e/p

Here is the show's listing on HGTV's Website to check for any changes to the air date.

Episode: "You Only Live Once in Puerto Morelos"
Episode #: HHINT-4202H

On husband Cordel's oil well worksite, life was cramped and lacking quality. So he and his wife, Melody, decided to risk it all on a move to her dream locale, Puerto Morelos, Mexico. When her husband's grueling work schedule forces him to stay behind in Canada, Melody is on her own for the house hunt. Finding her dream home, within the the limitations of the area's holiday market, while also fulfilling her husband's wishes, proves to be a pressure-filled hunt for this normally care-free Canadian. Will Melody find a pitch- perfect match or be forced to settle on her dreams? Find out when "House Hunters International" casts a line into Puerto Morelos, Mexico.

August 06, 2012
10:30 PM e/p
1:30 AM e/p

Here is the show's listing on HGTV's Website to check for any changes to the air date.

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