Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You might want to consider a Dell Laptop, if you spend time in Mexico

Last week, my laptop bit the dust.  :(  

For awhile, the girls at the office had made light of the fact that I clung to my dying dinosaur and kept propping it along -- even when its second battery wouldn't recharge and it was showing signs of age.  I blame my lack of enthusiasm on not wanting to learn a new operating system (Windows 7) and office suite (Office 2007), and the monumental task that faces you when with a new computer:  load and configure all of your programs, transfer files, customize your settings, etc.  Other friends blamed possible attachment issues.  ;)

With all that being said, it was 5 years old and its second motherboard reaped the wrath of humidity and salt air.  And, in its lifetime, it had 2 broken screens (I dropped it -- twice), a broken powercord, a new motherboard, new hard drive, and a new card reader.  [Have I mentioned that tropical life is tough on electronics?!?]  All of these were replaced, FREE of charge, next business day, at my office in Mexico -- through my Dell Warranty.  

So, when it was time to replace my well-worn, well-loved dinosaur I happily purchased a new Dell.  If you spend time in Mexico, it might be something that you want to consider -- as the warranty they offer can't be beat.  Dell offers several levels of warranty, but to get accidental coverage AND international coverage, be sure to get the "creme de la creme" Premium Warranty.  Lesser policies don't have complete accidental coverage or international coverage -- leaving you having to wait until you are back to get your computer fixed. Also, from what I understand, it is only offered on Dell computers that are purchased directly from Dell - not through third party retailers.

It's not a cheap investment, but it isn't unreasonable either -- mine cost $450 USD for 4 years.  However, it EASILY covered the costs I would have incurred with all of the equipment I had replaced -- which, had I not have had the warranty, would have meant purchasing at least 2 new laptops.

I purchased my laptop on Dell.com in the USA.  Dell also sells laptops in Mexico, but I am not sure about the availability from Dell Mexico for English Operating Systems, English Keyboards, or Warranty Policies.

Good Bye, Laptop.  Good Bye, Windows XP.  Good Bye, Office 2003.  You will be missed...

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