Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Remember the old ferry boat that washed ashore in Puerto Morelos?

Who remembers the old ferry boat that washed ashore, just south of the Puerto Morelos shipping pier, in the winter of 2007?

The ferry's name was M/V Arcangel, and it was removed for scrap metal by the Titan Salvage Company (See Company's June 2008 entry).  Its removal was quite involved and was filmed for a show called "Salvage Code Red" which is featured on the Discovery Channel.  The episode titled "Blown Away" contains the chronicle of the environmentally sensitive and complicated removal.

Discovery Channel has Parts 1-4 of the "Blown Away" episode posted for online viewing here.  Unfortunately, for those of us in Mexico, this link doesn't work :(

So, Puerto Morelians -- Check local Discovery Channel Listings for its next airing.  I have been searching on their site can't seem to find the next time this episode is showing.  If you happen to know, please comment on this blog for others!

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