Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holidays, Ponche, and Whale Sharks...Oh My!

The kiddos are out of school.  The cookies are baked (some still need frosting, much to Caden's chagrin).  Trees - check.  Stockings - check.  Wreaths - check.  Presents - semi-check. ;)

The Schulz family is as ready as it's ever going to be for the holidays.  And...we wish everyone an incredible holiday and a fantastic new year.  I am looking forward to turning the page and welcoming a new year and decade!!

Here's my holiday tip:  Any grocery this time of year sells bags containing dried fruit, cinnamon sticks, and various goodies that make Ponche, a Mexican Punch.  It's delicious!  Just add water & sugar to your liking, boil, strain.  I added cloves to mine and it tasted like the hot wassil we used to make for the holidays.  Provecho!

A quick, fun story from Puerto:  On Friday, a juvenile whale shark -- about 25 feet long -- was swimming off the shore in front of our office building.  Josh (my husband), Pilar, and some fishermen jumped in a boat and took turns swimming with the gentle giant.  A group of boats directed the wayward fish out of the reef and into open waters.  We are all wishing it a safe migration!  It's getting a late start!

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