Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Change of Timezone? Puerto Morelos may be EST

Quintana Roo may be changing to the Eastern Time Zone.  

EST = More Sun!  YAY!

According to this article, it doesn't sound like it's a done deal yet, but well on its way.

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  1. Regardless of the economic and tourist benefits that had this new provision, I see from the point of view of mother and worker. Normally we get up from 5 am, to the east at school at 7 am and I in my work at the same hour. With this change we would get up to what would be 3 am, do you think a child is going to adapt so quickly to these changing times?. They also say that would change the time of entry to school what happens to all those parents who come to work early? How do you organize to take their children to school?